Instructions for using the

Square device 

when sitting a show

Using the link below, go to the Zoom website and view the recorded instructions for using the Square.


(Tip:  use the number key for 0 and not the letter key.)

River Tree Arts Announces

Micro Galleries

Welcome to the Micro Galleries! These three permanent gallery spaces are located around River Tree Arts and represent a collection of rotating works and shows. Currently the Micro Galleries are featuring an end-of-year fundraiser for River Tree Arts. If you see a piece of interest please considering purchasing it from the shop! All proceeds will go directly to River Tree Arts, a non-profit community arts center.

For more information go to


November - Month long show at the

Kennebunk Library

December 10 – 12, Prelude Show

at Masonic Hall. Open to the public.

Click here for more information on Prelude activities